Art Above Ground is a non- profit organization supporting Public Art Installations worldwide that are provocative, interactive, entertaining and above all playful. Because of its playful nature, it reaches across borders, cultures and all ages, becoming a valuable catalyst challenging social conventions through art and generating change. AAG provides a fertile space for creativity.

“Why I work with food? It’s perishable. It’s alive. It’s decaying. It has smells and it evokes my past, present and future at the same time. So what is art? Art changes the way one sees things. As a child sitting at my parents’ table watching my mother cry over her food, in the attempt to make her happy I took a bowl of pasta and put it over my head. At that very moment, my father erupted like a volcano and my mother was hysterically laughing. That action formed me.” Cosimo Cavallaro

“I support public art that challenges the conventions.” Sarah Cavallaro